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Evolving your organisation’s DNA starts with the individual.

Who are we?

We’re organisational change consultants. Transformation facilitators. Leadership development specialists.

Drawing on our extensive international consulting and leadership experience, we facilitate meaningful, sustainable change by focusing on the most important elements in any change program – individuals.

Our experience across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors has shown us that rigid, from-the-top-down change simply doesn’t work.

Without emotional buy-in from your workforce, even the best change strategy can fail, destablising your culture and jeopardising trust in the process.

We therefore focus on ensuring successful from-the-inside-out organisational transformation, equipping leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to master the human dynamics of sustainable change.

What do we do?

We enable positive, sustainable organisational transformation by nurturing change leadership that engages hearts, as well as minds.

We help leaders find the balance between structural and people leadership during transition and change.

It’s a leadership challenge that calls for authenticity, trust and mindfulness – an ethos that’s embedded in our strategic change advisory services.

Our Leadership Development Program, Leading Through Transitions, develops the change-related leadership competencies needed to lead people through change and transition. 

We also offer executive coaching to achieve top team alignment, tapping into core strengths and values to create a unified purpose, with strengthened collaboration building a strong performance culture.

In short, we balance developing individual leaders with fostering the collective capabilities of teams, groups and organisational leadership.

How do we do it?

Passionately. Bringing about positive change and creating workplaces people believe in is our intent.

We transform organisations by bringing mindfulness, compassion and authenticity into the workplace.

We draw on the latest research in neuroscience and emotional intelligence to enable leaders, individuals and organisations to thrive and move forward with clear purpose, clarity and impact.

We accelerate leadership capability by increasing self-awareness and presence.

Rapidly changing realities need new thinking and new ways of working together. Change requires new mindsets, not just new skills. Hidden assumptions and beliefs related to hierarchy, status, authority and control must be unearthed.

Organisational change requires leaders to change. Change yourself, change the culture.

The world is becoming more turbulent
faster than most organisations are becoming more resilient.

Gary Hamel, What Matters Now, 2012

Meet Jenny Hoffman

founder of BlueHelix

Organisational change and leadership development are my passions. Not simply because organisational transformation and cultural change are stimulating challenges, but because it’s a privilege to work with clients to change their organisations and, crucially, people’s lives for the better.

This is the inspiration
behind BlueHelix

Where People

International change management experience

After 30+ years immersing myself in all facets of change management – in Australia, South Africa, Canada, and the UK – BlueHelix has enabled me to crystallise and share my unique approach to from-the-inside-out organisational change management, which includes:

change and


Top team

Building high

Executive and


Balancing strategy, positive psychology and human dynamics

As well as being a certified cultural transformation, innovation and PRINCE2 practitioner, I have extensive leadership development and ‘Big Four’ consulting experience. I’m therefore able to reconcile strategy, positive psychology and the human dynamics behind cultural change to provide a holistic view of – and solution to – the challenges facing organisations in transition.

In short, I seek to narrow the gap between change strategy and execution with tailored programs that are based on the premise that meaningful, sustainable change hinges on the individual.

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